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• Always promptly shut off the gas supply and immediately extinguish all flames if you smell gas. Always
seek assistance from your gas supplier or local Fire Department if the gas smell persists, because of the
danger of fire or explosion.

• Always confirm that there are no gas leaks before lighting this Grill. Apply a 50/50 solution of liquid
soap and water to the gas supply line connectors with a brush or spray bottle, and watch for bubbles.
Never use a match or open flame to test for gas leaks.

• Always visually inspect the gas supply line for fraying, cracking or rodent damage before each use of this
Grill and, if necessary, install a replacement before lighting this Grill.

• Never permit a gas supply line to contact any heated surface of this Grill.


• Always keep children and pets under close supervision when using this Grill, and never permit them to
come near the Grill while it is in use, as the exterior surfaces will be very hot.

• Always wear insulated protective mitts when working at the Grill, or when attempting to close a gas
supply valve after cooking has been completed, to prevent possible burns. Always use insulated pot holders
when handling containers of hot food.

• Always wear an insulated protective mitt when adding a smoking agent to a Smoker Box.

• Never store or use gasoline or other flammable or volatile substances in the vicinity of this Grill, or in
the vicinity of any other heat-generating appliance.


Always confirm that this Grill has been grounded in accordance with local Codes or, in the absence of

local Codes, with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No. 70 or the Canadian Electrical Code, CSA
C22.1, when an external electrical source is being utilized for the Rotisserie Motor.

• Always use a grounded three-prong outlet and a three-prong extension cord to energize the Rotisserie
Motor. Never alter or remove the grounding prong on the Rotisserie Power Cord, as an electric shock
hazard would then result.

• Never permit an electrical supply cord to contact any heated surface of this Grill.

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