Troubleshooting guide, Problem potential cause action required – Maytag JA580 User Manual

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Troubleshooting Guide




Blockage in the burner or gas

Corroded burner

Improper air shutter opening

Excessively fatty foods

Grease buildup

Uneven burn pattern

Flashback fire

Excessive yellow


Electrode fouled
Electrode improperly gapped

Electrode cracked

Lead wire is disconnected

Lead wire is cracked

Battery dead or installed wrong

Igniter does not spark

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Confirm that the venturi tubes are not blocked by insects or
other debris. Use a special venturi brush to clean (Fig. 14).

Use a pin or needle to probe the orifice in the gas valve.
Never enlarge the orifice (Fig. 15).

Use a small nail or toothpick to clean the burner ports
(Fig. 15).

Corrosion of a gas burner can cause the solid material
between the gas ports to deteriorate, resulting in uneven
burning. See your retailer for the appropriate replacement

Wipe the electrode with a soft, clean cloth.

The electrode should be located 1/8” to 3/16” from the
burner, and positioned to spark to the edge of a gas port.
If the gap is incorrect, or the unit is not properly
sparking, gently bend the electrode tip into position. Use
caution so that the ceramic insulator does not crack.

If the ceramic insulator on the electrode is cracked, it
may short out. Replace the electrode.

Confirm that the lead from the Ignitor module to the
electrode is well seated on the termination of the
A crack in the lead wire may result in shorting. Replace
the wire.
The battery in the Igniter Button may be dead or installed
incorrectly (correct position is positive end down).

Trim all excess fat from meat before cooking.

Confirm that the sear plate is clean and properly installed.
Remove excess grease from the burn chamber.

Your Grill should burn with a predominantly blue flame. If
the flame is mostly yellow, check the venturi tubes for
obstruction and clean as shown on Page 17. If yellow flames
still persist, adjust the opening on the air shutter of the
venturi tube located under the front console of the Grill
(Fig. 18).

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