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WARNING: Use only the pressure regulator and and type I propane
gas supply coupling and hose that is originally provided with this
appliance or as specified, (see Fig. 2).


• Always install a 20 lb. propane cylinder that is equipped with a
type I valve outlet (see Fig. 3), and that has a 12” diammeter and
an 18” height. Always use a propane cylinder that has been
constructed and marked in conformance with either the
spectifications for LP Gas Cylinders of the U.S. Department of
Treasportation or the spectifications in the National Standard of
Canada, CAN/CSA-B339, Cylinder, Spheres and Tube for Transpor-
tation of Dangerous Goods, as applicable.
• Always confirm that your propane cylinder is equipped with a
shut-off valve terminating in a Type I propane cylinder valve outlet
connection, and that it has been provided with a collar to protect
the cylinder valve.
• Never install a propane cylinder in this Grill unless it is
equipped with a listed Overfill Protection Device (OPD).
• Always have a new propane cylinder properly purged of air by
your certified propane gas dealer. Since a new cylinder is initially
filled with air, the air must first be purged before it is filled with
• Always visually inspect the gas supply line for fraying, cracking
or rodent damage before each use of this Grill and, if necessary,
install a replacement obtained from your dealer prior to lighting
this Grill.


WARNING : Never use Natural Gas in a Grill that has been configured to burn Propane Gas, and never use
Propane Gas in a Grill that has been configured to use Natural Gas, to avoid possible bodily injury. Always
consult the Rating Label on the back of your Grill to confirm which fuel must be used with the Grill.

Check hose for breaks
or wear before each use

Type I


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