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Lighting the Main Burners

Fig. 8

Fig. 9a

Fig. 9b

Fig. 9c

Normal: Soft blue flames

Out of Adjustment: Noisy hard
blue flames-too much air

Poor Combustion: Wavy, yellow
flames-too little air

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1. Always open the Hood completely and always inspect the Grill
and burners to confirm that all components are properly
positioned before lighting the main burners.

WARNING: Never stand with your head directly over the Grill
when preparing to light the main burners, to prevent possible
bodily injury.

2. Always confirm that all of the burner control knobs are in the
OFF position before opening the gas supply.

3. Turn on the propane gas supply valve at the tank (1 to 2 turns)
or turn on the main natural gas supply valve (see Fig. 8).

4. Turn the selected Burner Control Knob to the HI position by
pushing down on the knob and turning it counterclockwise.

5. Immediately push Igniter Button. The selected burner should
light within four seconds. Light the burners sequentially from either left to right or right to left.

WARNING: IF THE SELECTED BURNER DOES NOT LIGHT, immediately turn the burner control knob to the OFF
position, to prevent gas buildup. Wait five (5) minutes for the gas to clear and then repeat the preceding starting
procedure. If the burner will not light when using the Igniter, follow the match lighting instructions (see Page 8).

6. Confirm that the burner is properly lit and that the flame pattern is as desired, (see Figs. 9a, 9b & 9c, for the proper
flame patterns). If the flame pattern is other than normal, consult the Troubleshooting Guide on Page 21 for correc-
tive action.

7. Always preheat the grill before starting cooking. Light both burners and adjust them to the HI position for 5 to 10
minutes. Before placing any food on the Grill, clean the cooking grids with a brass wire brush.

8. Adjust the Controls to a medium setting for most cooking requirements. A light coating of cooking oil on the cooking
grids, before heating the Grill, will prevent foods from sticking to the Grill.


NOTE: When lighting the grill for the first time, burn
with the main burners on HIGH for at least 30
minutes, to burn off any manufacturing residues.

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