Operation, Lighting the side burner (optional to model ja460) – Maytag JA580 User Manual

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Fig. 13

Lighting the Side Burner (Optional to Model JA460)

WARNING: Never stand with your head directly over the Grill when preparing to light the side burner, to
prevent possible bodily injury.

1. Turn the side burner control knob to HI (see Fig. 12).

2. Turn the Igniter Knob clockwise until the burner ignites. The burner
should light within four clicks of the igniter.


Observe the flame pattern. Soft blue flames are normal ; hard blue flames or wavy yellow flames

are not. You can adjust the flame with the air shutter below the control knob (see Fig 16). If yellow flames
persist, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide on Page 21.

Shutting the burner off

1. Turn the control knob counterclockwise to the HI position, then depress it and turn it to OFF. NEVER force
the knob without depressing it, as that can damage the valve.




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