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Care & Maintenance

Care & Cleaning

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WARNING : Always observe the following safety precautions, to prevent bodily injury and to assure that your
Grill will operate properly :

• Always allow sufficient time for the Grill to cool fully before handling or cleaning any of its parts.


NOTE : All of the burners should be inspected frequently
and cleaned as often as is necessary.

• Main Burner

WARNING : Always inspect the air shutter screen
periodically to confirm that it is clear of food residue,
spider webs or other insect debris. A clogged venturi
tube can cause a fire to occur beneath the Grill, due to a
flashback of gas
(see Fig. 14).

NOTE : Remove the cooking Grills and the sear plates to
inspect the burner at least once per year, or more
frequently if required.

Loosen the burner attachment screws (from inside) to
allow the burners to be pulled away from the valves far
enough for a ventuti brush or suitable cleaning device to
be inserted into the burner venturi to clean away debris
(see Fig. 14). Be careful not to damage the electrode

Reinstall the burners properly over the valves (see Fig.
19). Use a wire brush or toothpick to clean the ports all
around the sides of the burner (see Fig. 15). It is normal
for some surface rust to appear on the burner. Severe
rusting can enlarge the gas ports, however, which could
cause changes in the Grill’s performance.




Spider Web
and Debris


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