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Rotisserie Setup (Optional all Models)

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The Rotisserie assembly includes a counter-weight for large or irregular food items ; using the counterweight
will reduce the strain on the motor.

1. Remove the warming rack. Lay a flat
pan directly on the cooking grates to
catch drippings. Large food items
may require that you remove the
cooking grates and place the pan on
the sear plates.

2. Insert the ends of the Rotisserie
Support into the slots of the right
cooking grate, so that the edge of the
support is approximently 1” from
the right casting, and the top groove
is in line with the rotisserie spit hole
in the left casting (see Fig. 11).

3. Engage the Motor Bracket into the
Bracket guide on the inside edge of the
left shelf.

4. Engage the Rotisserie Motor in the Motor Bracket (see Fig. 11).

5. Assemble the spit and meat forks. Adjust the retainer bushing to keep the spit in place (see Fig. 11).
Tighten the thumbscrews with small pliers.

Always use the counterweight to balance the spit when cooking large or irregular food items.

The Rotisserie Motor is rated to turn a maximum load of 12 lbs.


Never use the Rotisserie Motor in the rain, and never use it if it has become wet.

• Always use a grounded three-prong outlet and a three-prong extension cord to energize the Rotisserie
Motor. Never alter or remove the grounding prong on the Rotisserie Power Cord, as an electric shock hazard
would then result.

Never permit an electrical supply cord or a gas supply line to contact any heated surface of this Grill.






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