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Never use this outdoor Grill inside any building, garage, shed or breezeway, or inside any boat, trailer
or recreational vehicle, to prevent a possible fire and to prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide
poisoning or asphyxiation.


Always confirm that this Grill is not positioned under a combustible object (e.g., an awning or
umbrella) or in a covered area (e.g., a porch or gazebo) before lighting it, to prevent a possible fire.

Always confirm that this Grill is not positioned under the overhang of a house, a garage or other
structure before lighting it. An overhang will serve to deflect flareups and radiated heat into the
structure itself, which could result in a fire.

Always confirm that this Grill is positioned more
than 36” (1m) away from any combustible
materials or surfaces before lighting it, and that
no gasoline or other volatile substances are
stored in the vicinity of this Grill. The tempera-
ture of a grease fire or of the radiated heat might
otherwise be sufficient to ignite nearby combus-
tibles or volatile substances.

Always locate this Grill where there will be ample
combustion and ventilation air, but never
position it in the direct path of a strong wind.

Never allow the Grill to operate while unat-
tended, to prevent uncontrolled grease fires from

Never attempt to move this Grill while it is in opera-
tion or while it is still hot, to prevent possible
personal injury.

• Never store or use gasoline or other flammable or volatile substances in the vicinity of this Grill or in the
vacinity of any other heat-generating appliance, because of the danger of starting a fire.

• Always confirm that the installation of this Grill conforms with the requirements of all local Codes or, in the
absence of any applicable local Codes, with either the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1; CAN/CGA-
B149.1, National Gas Installation Code; or CAN/CGA-B149.2, Propane Installation Code.

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36" (1m)

36" (1m)

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