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Grilling Tips

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A few helpful hints will ensure that your grilling results are perfect every time.

• Apply a light coating of cooking oil to your cooking grids before grilling, to prevent foods from sticking.

• Cook similar portion sizes together, so that they all cook evenly.

• Use tongs to turn foods on the Grill.

• Never pierce foods while they are cooking on the Grill, as this will dry them out.

• On foods such as pork chops and steak, slit the fat strip to prevent the meat from curling during cooking.

• Turn foods infrequently. Some chefs say that a good steak should never be turned more than once.

• Apply sugar-based sauces such as commercial barbecue sauces only during the latter stages of cooking, to
prevent charring.

• Soak the string you use to tie up roasts and poultry on the Rotisserie spit to protect it from burning. Also,

soak the wooden skewers that you intend to use for kebabs for several minutes before using them for
cooking. ·

• Use a disposable aluminum tray filled with water, fruit juice, wine or a marinade to add extra flavor and

moisture to slow-cooked foods like roasts, whole chickens, turkeys or ducks. Place the tray on top of the
sear plates below the Grill surface and immediately under the foods being cooked. This will buffer the
heat from below, thereby slowing the cooking process and protecting the bottom of the food from over-
cooking. Check the tray periodically during cooking and keep it filled with liquid.

WARNING : Never let the tray boil dry. That could be hazardous, as grease from fatty foods that have
collected in the tray could ignite and possibly cause bodily injury or property damage.

NOTE : Always trim excess fat from your foods to reduce the occurrence of flareups during cooking.

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