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x Cinema Studio EX

A surround sound mode that can be regarded
as the compilation of Digital Cinema Sound
technology, delivers the sound of a dubbing
theater using three technologies: “Virtual
Multi Dimensions,” “Screen Depth Matching,”
and “Cinema Studio Reverberation.”
“Virtual Multi Dimensions,” the virtual
speaker technology, creates a virtual multi-
surround environment with actual speakers up
to 7.1channels, and brings the surround sound
experience of a theater with the latest facilities
into your home.
“Screen Depth Matching” reproduces treble
attenuation, fullness, and depth of sound
usually created in a theater using sound
emission from behind the screen. This is then
added to the front and center channels.
“Cinema Studio Reverberation” reproduces
the sound characteristics of state-of-the-art
dubbing theaters and recording studios,
including Sony Pictures Entertainment’s
dubbing studios. There are three modes, A/B/
C, available according to the studio type.

x Component video

A format for transmitting video signal
information consisting of three separate
signals: luminance Y, chrominance Pb, and
chrominance Pr. High quality pictures, such as
DVD video or HDTV pictures, are transmitted
more faithfully. The three jacks are color-
coded green, blue, and red.

x Composite video

A standard format for transmitting video
signal information. The luminance signal Y
and chrominance signal C are combined and
transmitted together.

x Crossover frequency

The frequency at which two speaker’s
frequencies intersect.

x Digital Cinema Sound (DCS)

Unique sound reproduction technology for
home theater developed by Sony, in
cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment,
for enjoying the exciting and powerful sound
of movie theaters at home. With this “Digital
Cinema Sound” developed by integrating a
DSP (Digital signal processor) and measured
data, the ideal sound field intended by
filmmakers can be experienced at home.

x Dolby Digital

Digital audio encoding/decoding technology
developed by Dolby Laboratories, Inc. It
consists of front (left/right), center, surround
(left/right) and sub woofer channels. It is a
designated audio standard for DVD-video and
also known as 5.1channels surround.

x Dolby Digital Surround EX

Acoustic technology developed by Dolby
Laboratories, Inc. Surround back information
is matrixed into regular left and right surround
channels so that the sound can be reproduced
in 6.1channels. Active scenes, especially, are
recreated with a more dynamic and realistic
sound field.

x Dolby Pro Logic II

This technology converts 2 channel stereo
recorded audio into 5.1 channels for playback.
There is a MOVIE mode for movies and
MUSIC mode for stereo sources such as
music. Old movies encoded in the traditional
stereo format can be enhanced with 5.1
channels surround sound. The GAME mode is
suitable for video games.

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