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Surround speaker position is designed specifically
for implementation of the Cinema Studio EX modes.
For other sound fields, speaker position is not so
Those sound fields were designed under the premise
that the surround speakers would be located behind
the listening position, but presentation remains fairly
consistent even with the surround speakers
positioned at a rather wide angle. However, if the
speakers are pointing toward the listener from the
immediate left and right of the listening position, the
surround effects become unclear unless set to
Nevertheless, each listening environment has many
variables, such as wall reflections, and you may
obtain better results using “BEHD” if your speakers
are located high above the listening position, even if
they are located to the immediate left and right.
Therefore, although it may result in a setting
contrary to the above explanation, we recommend
that you playback multi-channel surround encoded
software and select the setting that provides a good
sense of spaciousness and that best succeeds in
forming a cohesive space between the surround
sound from the surround speakers and the sound of
the front speakers. If you are not sure which sounds
best, select “BEHD” and then use the speaker
distance parameter and speaker level adjustments to
obtain proper balance.


(Speaker crossover frequency)

Lets you set the bass crossover frequency of
speakers that has been set to “SMALL” in the
System Settings menu. You cannot set “SP
CROSSOVER” when setting speakers using
the auto calibration function. To adjust the
speaker crossover, set “A.CAL LOAD ?” to
“OFF” in the Auto Calibration menu. Then, set
up the speakers manually, and select the
parameter from “SP CROSSOVER.”

Settings for the system

(System Settings menu)

You can use the System Settings menu to
customize the settings of the receiver. Select
“System Settings” in the setting menus. For
details on adjusting the parameters, see
“Navigating through menus” (page 54) and
“Overview of the menus” (page 55).


(Brightness of the display)

Lets you adjust the brightness of the display.
When you choose setting such that you turn off
the display completely, the MULTI
CHANNEL DECODING indicator is also
turned off.


(Speaker impedance)

For details, see “6: Setting the speakers” (page

System Settings menu