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Enjoying Dolby Digital
and DTS surround sound

(A.F.D. mode)

The A.F.D. (Auto Format Direct) mode allows
you to listen to higher fidelity sound and select
the decoding mode for listening to a 2 channel
stereo sound as multi-channel sound.

Press A.F.D. repeatedly to select
the sound field you want.

For details, see “Type of A.F.D. mode” (page
You can also select “A.F.D.” in the Sur Settings
menu. For details, see “Settings for the
surround sound (Sur Settings menu)”


• This function does not work in the following cases.

– MULTI IN is selected.
– Input signals of which the sampling frequency is

more than 48 kHz are being received.

– The multi-channel PCM signals are received via

an HDMI IN jack.

• If you set up the sound field during DTS 96/24

signal reception, it will play back only at 48 kHz.

• NEURAL SURROUND is activated as a PCM

signal of which the sampling frequency is less than
48 kHz or a 2 channel analog signal. The NEURAL
SURROUND processing will be turned off
automatically when another type of signal is input.
The beginning of the sound may be dropped out
when the SURROUND processing is turned on/off.


• We usually recommend “A.F.D. AUTO,” however

sometimes it may be better to use “SB
DECODING” (page 62) to match the input stream
to the mode you prefer.

• You can identify the encoding format of DVD

software, etc., by looking at the logo on the

: Dolby Digital discs

: Dolby

Surround encoded programs

: DTS Digital Surround encoded programs

• Only Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoding is effective,

when a multi-channel signal is input.
At this time, the setup of “SB DECODING” and
“SB DEC MODE” in the Sur Settings menu
becomes invalid. When you select decoding modes
other than Dolby Pro Logic IIx, multi-channel
sound (being encoded) is output.

If you connect a sub woofer

This receiver will generate a low frequency
signal for output to the sub woofer when there
is no L.F.E. signal, which is a low-pass sound
effect output from a sub woofer to a 2 channel
signal. However, the low frequency signal is
not generated for “Neo:6 Cinema” or “Neo:6
Music” when all speakers are set to “LARGE.”

Enjoying Surround Sound