Sony STR-DG1000 User Manual

Page 28

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• Connect image display components such as a TV

monitor or a projector to the MONITOR OUT jack
on the receiver. You may not be able to record, even
if you connect recording components.

• Turn on the receiver when the video and audio of a

playback component are being output to a TV via
the receiver. If the power supply of the receiver is
not turned on, neither video nor audio is

• Depending on the status of the connection between

the TV and the antenna (aerial), the image on the
TV screen may be distorted. In this case, place the
antenna (aerial) farther away from the receiver.


• The receiver has a video conversion function. For

details, see “Notes on converting video signals”
(page 34).

• You can watch the selected input image when you

connect the MONITOR OUT jack to a TV monitor.
You can also display certain menu settings and the
sound field on the monitor when you press ON
SCREEN (page 89).

• The sound of the TV is output from the speakers

connected to the receiver if you connect the sound
output jack of the TV and the TV/SAT AUDIO IN
jacks of the receiver. In this configuration, set the
sound output jack of the TV to “Fixed” if it can be
switched between either “Fixed” or “Variable.”