Zone 2 connection – Sony STR-DG1000 User Manual

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When you connect a sub woofer with an auto
standby function, turn off the function when
watching movies. If the auto standby
function is set to on, it turns to standby mode
automatically based on the level of the input
signal to a sub woofer, then sound may not
be output.


When you connect all the speakers with a nominal
impedance of 8 ohms or higher, set “SP.
IMPEDANCE” in the System Settings menu to “8
ohm.” In other connections, set it to “4 ohm.” For
details, see “6: Setting the speakers” (page 39).


To connect certain speakers to another power
amplifier, use the PRE OUT jacks. The same signal
is output from both the SPEAKERS terminals and
the PRE OUT jacks. For example, if you want to
connect just the front speakers to another amplifier,
connect that amplifier to the PRE OUT FRONT L
and R jacks.

ZONE 2 connection

You can assign the SURROUND BACK
SPEAKER terminals F and G to the
speakers of the ZONE 2. Set the surround back
speaker settings (page 67) to “ZONE 2.”
See “Listening to the sound in another zone
(Zone 2 operations)”
(page 98) for details of
on connection and operation in zone 2.