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Page 66: E 66, Ge 66, Speaker settings menu parameters

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Each video input can be adjusted independently
for every INPUT SELECTOR. The adjusted value
is held until the memory of this receiver is cleared.
The adjusted value is retained, even if the power is
turned off or the power cord (mains lead) is pulled

x NAME IN? (Naming inputs)

Lets you set the name of inputs selected. For
details, see “Naming inputs” (page 90).

Settings for the speakers

(Speaker Settings menu)

You can use the Speaker Settings menu to set
the size and distance of the speakers connected
to this system. Select “Speaker Settings” in the
setting menus. For details on adjusting the
parameters, see “Navigating through menus”
(page 54) and “Overview of the menus” (page

x SUB WOOFER (Sub woofer)


If you have connected a sub woofer, select

• NO

If you have not connected a sub woofer,
select “NO.” This activates the bass
redirection circuitry and outputs the L.F.E.
(Low Frequency Effect) signals from other


In order to take full advantage of the Dolby Digital
bass redirection circuitry, we recommend setting the
sub woofer’s cut off frequency as high as possible.

x FRONT SP (Front speakers)


If you connect large speakers that will
effectively reproduce bass frequencies,
select “LARGE.” Normally, select
“LARGE.” When the sub woofer is set to
“NO,” front speakers are automatically set to


If the sound is distorted, or you feel a lack of
surround effects when using multi-channel
surround sound, select “SMALL” to activate
the bass redirection circuitry and output the
front channel bass frequencies from the sub
woofer. When the front speakers are set to
“SMALL,” the center, surround, and

Speaker Settings menu