Selecting a pre- programmed sound field (dcs), Selecting a pre-programmed sound field, Dcs) – Sony STR-DG1000 User Manual

Page 74: Selecting a pre- programmed sound field

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Selecting a pre-
programmed sound field


You can take advantage of surround sound
simply by selecting one of the receiver’s
preprogrammed sound fields. They bring the
exciting and powerful sound of movie theaters
and concert halls into your home.

Press MOVIE repeatedly to select a
sound field for movies or press
MUSIC repeatedly to select a sound
field for music.

The sound field list appears.
You can also select “MOVIE” or “MUSIC” in
the Sur Settings menu. For details, see
Settings for the surround sound (Sur Settings
menu)” (p
age 61).


• The sound fields for music and movie do not work

in the following cases.
– MULTI IN is selected.
– Input signals of which the sampling frequency is

more than 48 kHz are being received.

– The multi-channel PCM signals are received via

an HDMI IN jack.

• If you set up the sound field during DTS 96/24

signal reception, it will play back only at 48 kHz.

• The effects provided by the virtual speakers may

cause increased noise in the playback signal.

• When listening with sound fields that employ the

virtual speakers, you will not be able to hear any
sound coming directly from the surround speakers.

• When one of the sound fields for music is selected,

no sound is output from the sub woofer if all the
speakers are set to “LARGE” in the System
Settings menu. However, the sound will be output
from the sub woofer if the digital input signal
contains L.F.E. signals, the front or surround
speakers are set to “SMALL,” the sound field for
movie is selected, or “PORTABLE AUDIO” is

• The surround back decoding mode does not

function while a sound field for music is selected
(page 62).


• Sound fields with DCS marks use DCS

technology. See “Glossary” (page 112).

• When the sound field’s DCS mark is selected,

the Digital Cinema Sound lamp lights up on the

To turn off the surround effect

Press 2CH to select “2CH STEREO” or press
A.F.D. repeatedly to select “A.F.D. AUTO.”