Tuner, Remote control – Sony STR-DG1000 User Manual

Page 118

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The image of the COMPONENT VIDEO
OUT is corrupted.

• When the signals are output from the

signals other than 480p are corrupted if
“PROGRESSIVE OUT” is set to “ON.”

• Video input signals other than 480p

component are not received when signals
are output from the S VIDEO jack or the
VIDEO jack. Input 480i component video

• When component input signals other than

480p are output, use the COMPONENT
VIDEO OUT jack and set

The source image input from the HDMI
jack is not output from the receiver or
the TV speaker connected to the

• Make sure that cables are correctly and

securely connected to components.

• Depending on the playback component,

component may need to be set up. Refer to
the operating instructions supplied with
the each component.

Recording cannot be carried out.

• Check that the components are connected

correctly (page 24).

• Select the source component using INPUT

SELECTOR (page 48).


The FM reception is poor.

• Use a 75-ohm coaxial cable (not supplied)

to connect the receiver to an outdoor FM
antenna (aerial) as shown below. If you
connect the receiver to an outdoor antenna
(aerial), ground it against lightning. To
prevent a gas explosion, do not connect the
ground (earth) wire to a gas pipe.

Radio stations cannot be tuned in.

• Check that the antennas (aerials) are

connected securely. Adjust the antennas
(aerials) and connect an external antenna
(aerial), if necessary.

• The signal strength of the stations is too

weak (when tuning in with automatic
tuning). Use direct tuning.

• Make sure you set the tuning interval

correctly (when tuning in AM stations
with direct tuning).

• No stations have been preset or the preset

stations have been cleared (when tuning by
scanning preset stations). Preset the
stations (page 82).

• Press DISPLAY so that the frequency

appears on the display.

Remote control

The remote does not function.

• Point the remote at the remote sensor on

the receiver.

• Remove any obstacles in the path between

the remote and the receiver.

• Replace all the batteries in the remote with

new ones, if they are weak.

• Make sure that the command modes of the

receiver and the remote are the same. If the
command mode of the receiver and the
remote are different, you cannot operate
the receiver with the remote (page 38).


To ground

Ground (earth) wire (not supplied)

Outdoor FM antenna (aerial)