White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Basic Tracking Screen

The Basic Tracking Screen displays the location and movements of

all active Collars. By using the distance rings, you can estimate your

distance from your pet. Refer to the Collar Status Bar to monitor the

GPS and Radio status of each Collar. Figure 1 shows a Basic Tracking

Screen with two active Collars, one about 100 feet from you, the other

about 150 feet.

Detailed Tracking Screen

The Detailed Tracking Screen provides additional information about

the status of the active Collars. In addition to the same information that

appears on the Basic Tracking Screen, the Detailed Tracking Screen

also displays your distance (in feet) from your pet and how fast your

pet is moving. This information is updated at the same rate as the

Basic Tracking Screen. Figure 2 show a Detailed Tracking Screen with

an active GPS Fence and three active Collars, one of which is outside

the fence.

Figure 1

Figure 2