White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 34

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White Bear Technologies warranties the RoamEO GPS Pet

Location System against defects and malfunctions in materials and

workmanship, and against failure to conform to the product’s written

specifications for one (1) year from the date of original purchase.

We make no other express warranty or representation of any kind

whatsoever concerning this product.

Any such defect, malfunction, or non-conformity which occurs within

one year from the data of your original purchase will either be repaired

without charge or replaced with a new product identical or reasonably

equivalent to this product, or your purchase refunded, at our option,

within a reasonable amount of time af ter our receipt of the

defective product. This repair, or product replacement, or refund is the

exclusive remedy to you against us for any defect, malfunction, or non-

conformity concerning our product or any loss or damage from any

other cause whatsoever.

This warranty does not apply in the following circumstances: (1) if said

defect is a result of negligence, accident, misuse, or carelessness; (2)

if the product has been connected, installed, combined, altered,

adjusted, or handled in any manner other than according to the

instructions furnished with this product; or (3) if the product has been

serviced or repaired by anyone other than us.