White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Understanding the RoamEO Operation Screens

When initially powered on, RoamEO defaults to the Basic Tracking

Screen. There are three areas of information on this screen which are

all continually updated to provide you with real time data that will help

you use your RoamEO system.

Collar Status Bar: Information about each enrolled Collar is displayed

here. The GPS Receiver remembers every Collar that has ever been

enrolled with your system and will display it even if it is not active.

GPS Receiver Toolbar: Information about the status of the GPS

Receiver is located here.

Tracking Screen: Information about the location of your pet is

displayed here. RoamEO is programmed with two versions of the

tracking screen: a Basic Tracking Screen and a Detailed Tracking

Screen. These screens can be used interchangeably and will not

affect the performance of your system.

GPS Receiver Toolbar




Tracking Screen