White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 16

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Collar Status Bar

The status of all active collars is displayed in the Collar Status Bar.

Each collar transmits new GPS location data every three seconds,

which is then updated on the screen. Check this bar to insure that

your Collar is receiving GPS data, and to verify the radio reception of

your GPS Receiver.

The compass is also located at the bottom of the status bar.

Indicates whether a Collar is receiving a radio signal from the GPS

Receiver. Green waves indicate there is radio reception; white waves

indicate the radio is not communicating with the GPS Receiver.

Indicates whether a Collar has achieved a GPS lock. Green

waves indicate a GPS lock. White waves indicate that the Collar

does not have a GPS lock.

Remaining battery life of the Collar

Important: To be able to track your pet, a Collar must have both

a GPS signal and be communicating with the GPS Receiver, as

indicated by both icons illuminating green.

Note: RoamEO has been programmed to remember every collar that

has ever been enrolled with your system and will display them when

the system is powered on. If you have not powered on a previously

enrolled Collar, or if you have taken a Collar out of service, the box will

still illuminate but none of the icons in the box will be illuminated.