White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Setting up a GPS Fence

The GPS Fence can be a valuable feature to assist you in protecting

your pet. However, it is not meant to be substitute for human initiative

and we do not recommend this as a pet containment system. The

GPS Fence feature allows you to establish a perimeter that when

combined with the Alarm will give an audible warning if your pet exits

your defined boundary. Before setting up a GPS Fence, a few

moments of forethought are in order.

Please read the following carefully:


All GPS systems can be affected by dense cover, whether foliage,

heavy cloud cover, or buildings. To improve the accuracy of your

GPS Fence, it is recommended that you set up your fence on a

clear day. Be aware of your surroundings as you establish your

fence posts. You may want to move your fence post slightly if you

encounter a problem with a particular location due to weak GPS


2. Take note of the relative amount of precision of GPS as you estab-

lish your fence. It is recommended that you set your fence at least

10-15 feet away from areas of concerns (i.e, roads) to account for

GPS precision. You can refer to the Accuracy

reading on the

Toolbar to understand the relative accuracy of GPS at a particular

position. If you stand still in a single spot for an extended period

of time, GPS accuracy will usually improve.

3. You may want to have a good idea of the basic outline of your

fence before you begin to set fence posts. You will need to estab-

lish a minimum of three fence posts. There is no need to return to

your first post: the GPS Receiver will automatically draw a line

to that position.

4. Try to allow for a minimum of at least 15 feet between any two fence

posts. There is no maximum distance between any two fence posts;

you can place fence posts as far apart as you desire. RoamEO will

allow you to set up to 100 fence posts, but we recommend using the

minimum amount that are needed to define the particular shape of

your desired fence.