White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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LCD Screen Options

Power Saving Mode

RoamEO is designed with a Power Saving Mode to improve the

battery life of the Receiver. When RoamEO enters the Power Saving

Mode, the brightness of the display is lowered to help save power. To

restore the screen to its original brightness, press any button and the

LCD will return to its original setting. RoamEO will display the message

Power Saving Mode on the LCD to notify you that when the system is

in this state. RoamEO will not initiate the Power Saving Mode for

approximately 45 minutes from start-up if the battery is in a fully

charged state.

RoamEO will not go into the Power Saving Mode if it is being used

while powered from the Power Adapter.

Changing Screen Views

Changing from screen to screen can be done at any time while the

GPS Receiver is on.

To change back and forth from the Basic Tracking Screen to the

Detailed Tracking Screen, press


No data is lost during this


To view the GPS Status screen, press the


simultaneously. RoamEO will continue to track your pets while this

screen is visible on the LCD. Press



again to return to a tracking screen.

Adjusting the brightness on your LCD Screen

To increase or decrease the brightness of the LCD screen, press and

hold the

and then use the Zoom button located on the side of

the Receiver to adjust the screen to the desired brightness.