White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 24

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Building your GPS Fence

To build your GPS Fence, you will need to set GPS fence posts that

will be used to outline the perimeter of you desired boundary. Af ter

establishing these fence posts, RoamEO will automatically ‘draw’ in the

fence and store it in memory for future use.

1. Only one GPS Fence can be stored in memory at a time.

2. Each time a new GPS Fence is established, the current fence that

was stored in memory is deleted and replaced with your new fence


3. There is no method of correcting mistakes once RoamEO is placed

in the Fence Building mode. Should you discover that you have

misplaced a fence post, or do not like the shape of your fence, there

is no way to correct this data while in the Fence Building mode; it will

be necessary to start over. You will need to turn off your system and

power back up, and then begin the fence building process again.

Remember: turning off your system while in the Fence Building

mode will erase any fence posts you had placed for your new

fence, but it will not erase the last GPS Fence that was previous-

ly stored in memory.