White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 26

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Step 3

Walk to your first fence post. Your movements will be displayed on

the screen with the . You can also gain an appreciation of your

distances from the distance rings shown on your screen. When you

reach the desired location for your first fence post, and are satisfied

with the accuracy of the GPS at that point, press the

button. If

you wish to improve the GPS accuracy at a given fence post, remain

still in that location and monitor the Accuracy reading found in the GPS

Receiver Toolbar until you are satisfied before pressing the

button. See figure 7.

Each time a fence post is committed to memory, its location is shown

on the screen as . Do not move from any fence post location until

you are certain the system has accepted that location. Repeat this

step as required to complete additional fence posts. Do not return to

your first fence post: RoamEO will complete the fence on its own.

See figure 8.


Establishing a fence post. Confirmation of each fence post will be designated by the .

Figure 7

Multiple fence posts have been established. Your current position is noted by .

Figure 8