White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Using the GPS Fence from inside your home

You can use the GPS Fence feature from indoors, as long as the GPS

Receiver is making radio contact with a Collar. To use the GPS Fence

from indoors, it is recommended placing the GPS Receiver near a

window on the side of the house closest to where you expect the

Collars to be. This will improve the quality of the radio reception.

Power on the GPS Receiver and Collars, and make sure the fence is

activated. Some experimentation may be needed to understand which

rooms in your home offer the best reception.

It is not necessary for the GPS Receiver itself to have a GPS

lock to use the fence feature. The GPS Receiver remembers the

coordinates of the fence you have established (it does not require a

GPS lock to do this), and displays that fence information along with the

location of the Collars on the tracking screen. As long as the Collars

have a GPS lock and can communicate with the GPS Receiver,

their location and movements will be visible on the tracking screen.

See figure 12.

Tracking screen with GPS Fence,

but GPS Receiver does not have a GPS lock.

Figure 12