White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 19

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How to use the Tracking Screens

The Tracking Screens are designed to display the movements of your

pet in relation to your position. When using the Tracking Screens, here

are some things to remember:


Your location is always in the center of the screen designated by


. Your location in the center of the screen will never change.


The Tracking Screens are orientated based on the top of the

screen. In other words, if your pet appears on the right side of the

screen, your pet is located to your right. If your pet appears

underneath the

, then your pet is behind you.

See figure 4.


As you turn to face your pet, the screen will automatically orientate

to show your pet at the top of the screen. This is your indication

that you are moving in the direction toward your pet.


As you move toward your pet, the distance on the screen between


and the

will adjust based on your movements and your

pet’s movements. Remember: the distance shown on the screen

between you and your pet is based on the combination of the

activity of both of you.

If you are moving toward your pet but

notice that you do not appear to be getting any closer, it is

because your pet is moving also. If in doubt, stand still for a few

moments and watch the activity of your pet on the screen.

Figure 4