White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Starting Out

The RoamEO GPS Pet Location System is designed to be operational

without any set-up or third party services. You can begin using

RoamEO immediately.

To begin using your RoamEO system:


Power on the Receiver.


Press the Power button on each Collar you would like to place

in service.

RoamEO is now operational. The Basic Tracking Screen will appear on

the display.

Upon power up, the Receiver immediately begins searching for

Collar(s) that are enrolled and powered on. This process will only take

a few seconds. Every Collar that has been enrolled will be displayed in

the Collar Status Bar. At the same time it is searching for active

Collar(s), RoamEO also begins the process of acquiring a GPS fix.

Under optimum conditions, it can take up to 45 seconds for RoamEO

to lock on to satellites and acquire an initial GPS fix*. During this

period while RoamEO is acquiring the necessary GPS information to

begin operation, the tracking screen will come up on the LCD.

RoamEO will begin tracking immediately af ter the Receiver and any

one Collar have a GPS lock. RoamEO will display tracking information

for any Collar that has been powered on and has an active GPS lock.

* Note: To obtain a GPS lock, the Receiver needs to know its current position and date so that it can calculate

which satellites should be in view and then searches for only those satellites. When your Receiver is powered

on for the first time, it does not know your position so it immediately begins to search for satellites using data

acquired the last time it was turned on (which was most likely at our factory). Because there is a high degree

of probability you are not at our factory, the Receiver is looking for the wrong satellites. After a short period of

time of not being able to find these satellites, the Receiver then switches automatically to an auto search

mode, causing it to search for any satellite in the sky. Due to advances in GPS technology, this process has

become much quicker now. Once the Receiver locks onto these new satellites, it should become much quick-

er to display your position next time you use RoamEO provided you have not moved more than 100 miles from

the last location it was used.

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