White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Step 1

Press the and the buttons on the GPS Receiver simultane-

ously. This will set the GPS Receiver into the Fence Building mode and

the Fence Building screen will be displayed. You are now ready to begin

establishing the fence posts. See figure 5.

Step 2

Establish a Perspective Point. The Perspective Point is a temporary

location only used during the

fence building process to help assist

you. In most cases, you will probably want to build a fence around some

type of landmark, such as your home or a camp site. By using a land-

mark as your Perspective Point, it is easier to see how your fence is

being constructed on the LCD screen. A Perspective Point must be

established even if you do not need one; if you have no need for one,

place it at any location within

your desired fence perimeter.

Stand at the location of your Perspective Point and press the

button. Your Perspective Point will be indicated by the and

remain in the center of the screen while you finish constructing your

fence. See figure 6.




Fence Building Screen

Figure 5

Establishing a Perspective Point

Figure 6