White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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Enrolling Collars to your GPS Receiver

In order for RoamEO to operate, the Collar must be set up to be able

to ‘talk’ to a Receiver. Each RoamEO Collar contains a unique ID which

is used so that it only communicates with the Receiver which has

been programmed to recognize that ID. The process of ‘bonding’ a

specific collar (i.e., its unique ID) with a Receiver is called Enrollment.

Your collar(s) were enrolled at

the factory and no further action is

needed to use RoamEO. However, if you purchase an additional

Collar, or replace an existing one, or would just like to change the color

choice assigned by the factory, you must use the Enrollment process.

There are four steps to the Enrollment process. You must have both

your Receiver and the Collar you wish to enroll to successfully

complete this process. Place the Collar within five feet of the Receiver.

Step 1

Press the and buttons on the GPS Receiver at the same

time. This will set the GPS Receiver into the Enrollment mode and

cause the Enrollment screen to be displayed See figure 13.

RoamEO can track three Collars, each of which is designated by a dif-

ferent color. Collars which are currently enrolled will be illuminated by

one of the three colors. Collars available for enrollment are shown in

gray—these Collars have not been previously enrolled. RoamEO will

automatically select the first collar that has not been previously



Collar Enrollment Screen

Figure 13