White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

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RoamEO Collar

The RoamEO Collar uses GPS technology and a miniature radio that

sends GPS coordinates to the Receiver where they are displayed on

the LCD screen. Each collar has a unique address that is only recog-

nized by your Receiver.

We have programmed your collar(s) for you,

so it is not necessary to re-program them before you use the

RoamEO system.

Please refer to “Enrollment” for instructions on how

to enroll a new collar, or to re-enroll an existing collar.

Electronics Box: The radio circuit, GPS module and battery are

contained in this box. There are no serviceable parts in the

electronics box.

Charging Por t: Insert the Power Adapter plug here to charge the

lithium-ion battery in the electronics box. The plug is keyed and

can only be inserted one way.

Paw Button: used for enrolling a new Collar or re-enrolling an exist-

ing Collar. Refer to the “Enrolling Collars” section for instructions.

Power Button: Press to turn on the Collar. The LED will begin

blinking every three seconds to indicate the collar is operational.

To turn off the collar,

press and hold the power button for five



Your Collar should be orientated on your pet so that the box is at

the bottom of the neck. This results in the GPS antenna to be

properly positioned for maximum satellite reception.