White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 23

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5. Remember that both the Alarm and the GPS Fence must be

activated in order to receive an audible warning if your pet exits your

perimeter. You can use your GPS Fence without the Alarm if

desired. Example: if you have drawn a perimeter around a known

area such as your property line, the GPS Fence can help give you

a better perspective of your pet’s location in these immediate


6. It is not necessary for the GPS Receiver to be within the fence

perimeter for the GPS Fence to work. As long as the GPS Receiver

is capable of radio reception with the Collar, the GPS Fence will

operate effectively. You can be standing outside of your GPS Fence

and the fence will still be operational.

7. The GPS Receiver will always default to the last condition when pow-

ered up. If your GPS Fence and Alarm were activated when you shut

down your GPS Receiver, they will be activated when you power up

your GPS Receiver the next time. Always check the GPS Receiver

Toolbar for the status of the GPS Fence and Alarm.