White Bear Technologies RoamEO GPS Pet Location System User Manual

Page 18

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An indicates a Collar has gone outside the scale you

currently have selected for your Tracking Screen. The location of

the shows where the Collar lef t the scale of the screen and

the direction it was heading at the time. RoamEO continues to

track the Collar and the will move around the perimeter of the

screen as it follows the movements. If at any time you would like

to bring your pet back within view on the Tracking Screen, press

the - side of the zoom button. When the Collar is within scale, the

will switch to a .

Figure 3 shows that one of the Collars is located beyond the

scale of this screen, as indicated by the . In this example, the

Collar is behind you at a distance of 191 feet. If any combination

of your movements or the movements of the Collar bring you

back to within scale, the will appear again automatically.

Figure 3