Clean the encoder strip – HP Latex 360 Printer User Manual

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Deposit a very thin zig-zag trickle of oil along the rod.


While lubricating, be careful not to drop oil on the encoder strip located on top of the rod.


Press OK at the front panel.


Close the window.


The carriage moves from one side of the printer to the other to distribute the oil along the rod.


The front panel asks you to confirm that lubrication has been completed. Press OK to confirm.

Clean the encoder strip

Cleaning the encoder strip is a vital part of the printer’s maintenance and can clear a variety of system errors:

86:01 or 87:01 system errors and related mispositioning of the carriage assembly errors, such as the
carriage bumping into the side of the printer.

42:10 system errors, related to failures starting and homing the carriage on the scan axis.

29:01 system errors that cannot be cleared even after installing new maintenance cartridges.

There are occasions when a dirty encoder strip can cause substrate loading issues, as the carriage
cannot correctly detect the position of the substrate.

The encoder strip should be cleaned when requested by the printer. The front panel displays a message when
cleaning is required: For optimal printer performance follow the Clean the encoder strip process as
described in the User’s Guide.


When the message is displayed on the front panel, a silent warning message is added within the

system error log ‘8:01’. This helps when reviewing the error log history.


Clean the encoder strip 145

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