Accessing the interactive cli, Policy server overview, Secure service agent overview – HP 3PAR Service Processors User Manual

Page 12: Default user accounts

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In the figure above, the SP ID is “SP0001400383.”

Menu name—Menu names are not necessarily unique. Menus that are accessible from the
same menu often share the same name as the menu itself.

In the figure above, the menu name is “SP Main.”

Vector key code—A vector key code identifies each menu and submenu and many of the
screens available through SPMAINT. Use these codes to navigate quickly to a specific menu
or function.

In the figure above, the vector key code is “1.” Submenus are denoted, for example, as “1.1,”
“1.1.1,” and so on.

Transfer media—The Transfer Media field indicates the current method for outbound

In the figure above, the transfer media is “Ethernet.”

Transfer status—The Transfer Status field indicates the status for the most recent data transfer

In the figure above, the transfer status is “OK.”

Accessing the Interactive CLI

SPMAINT offers the interactive CLI option, which enables you to issue commands on a selected
storage system or execute commands directly on the controller nodes.

To access the interactive CLI, enter 7 in the SPMAINT main menu.

Policy Server Overview

HP 3PAR Policy Server is an optional host-based application that administers the communication
policies between the SP and Collector server. For information about HP 3PAR Policy Server, refer
to the HP 3PAR Policy Server Installation and Setup Guide.

Secure Service Agent Overview

The HP 3PAR Secure Service Agent (SSA) is a software application that resides on the SP. SSA
enables the communication between the SP and the HP 3PAR Collector Server. Unlike direct SSH
connections to your SP, with the SSA there is no need to open additional ports on your firewall,
because communications are done with HTTPS.

The HP 3PAR SSA can be configured to communicate with the HP 3PAR Policy Server and one or
more SPs within your network as well as with Customer Support at HP 3PAR Central. The SSA
serves as the centralized communication point for all communications between your site and HP
3PAR Central. All diagnostic data transfers and remote service connections that are established
through the SSA are secure and controlled by your network administrators. The SSA is configured
for encrypted communication through the Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS)

Default User Accounts

This chapter describes the default user accounts that are created during the Moment of Birth (MOB)
operation of the SP and of the storage system.