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SP Mode Overview


If the SP is running in Secure Network Mode, this section does not apply.

SP mode enables communication between an SP and the HP 3PAR connection portal server located
at HP 3PAR Central. The server provides software updates and SPOCC service tools applications.
In SP mode, you use the SPMAINT utility to support and maintain the SP and any connected system.

The following figure illustrates the relationship between SP and HP 3PAR Central in SP mode.

Figure 2 SP-to-HP 3PAR Central Relationship in SP Mode


HP 3PAR Central

Customer Site

Connection Portal




SP running







When a designated management workstation sits on the same network as the SP and is configured
to access the SP, you have the option of using external communications at any time using CCA,
which is accessible via SPMAINT.

For information about SPOCC, see

“SPOCC Overview” (page 9)


For information about SPMAINT, see

“SPMAINT Overview” (page 10)


SPOCC Overview

Service Processor Onsite Customer Care (SPOCC) is a suite of service tools applications in a
web-based graphical user interface that is available for support of the HP 3PAR storage system
and its SP. SPOCC provides a vehicle to review logs and files, to store various types of support
documentation, and to manually record system configuration details that are not directly available
from the system itself. SPOCC offers a web-based alternative to accessing most of the features and
functionality that are available through SPMAINT.

One important feature offered by SPOCC that is not available through SPMAINT is the ability to
create subscription-based local notification lists. Local notification is designed primarily for those
who want to be automatically notified of specific events or symptoms from a particular system.
SPOCC allows you to enable or disable local notification and to manage how and when you are
notified of important system events.

Because SPOCC is a web-based interface, it is possible to have several active SPOCC sessions
running at the same time, regardless of user privilege levels. By contrast, only one SPMAINT session
is allowed at any one time through SPOCC or a CLI session.

There are many tasks that can be performed using either the SPOCC interface or the SPMAINT
interface. The SPOCC interface is the primary user interface available for the support of both the
storage system and its SP. For more information about SPOCC, see HP 3PAR Service Processor
Onsite Customer Care (SPOCC) User’s Guide

This guide provides some guidance about performing tasks through SPOCC. When a task cannot
be performed through SPOCC, this guide shows you how to perform that task using SPMAINT.

SP Mode Overview