Managing local notification records, Adding a notification record – HP 3PAR Service Processors User Manual

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At the bottom of the List Notifications Records table, click User Profiles.

The Local Notification: User Profiles table appears.


At the top of the Local Notification: User Profiles table, click Add User.

The Add ST_USER Record screen appears.


On the Add ST_USER Record screen, enter your first name in the First Name field and your
last name in the Last Name field.


Use only lowercase letters when creating the account name.


Enter up to three email addresses using the Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3 fields.


On the Category list, select the type of user you are creating.


In the Company field, enter your company name or description.


(Optional) Edit the prime shift definition as needed. The prime shift definition establishes the
normal working days and hours that you should receive notifications. To edit the prime shift

Click to select or deselect days from the calendar week. The calendar week begins with
Monday and ends with Sunday.


On the Start Time list, click to select a start time for the workdays selected on the calendar


On the End Time list, click to select an end time for the workdays selected on the calendar


When finished, click Add Record to add your new user profile.

The Update ST_USER Record screen appears. Then, a confirmation message appears at the
top of the screen to indicate that your user profile has been added.

10. Click Notification List to return to the List Notification Records table.

Managing Local Notification Records

After one or more user profiles have been defined, you can use those profiles to create local
notification records. Depending on how local notification was initially set up, one or more notification
records might already exist on the Service Processor. Use the features available through the Notify
tab on the SPOCC menu to create additional notification records and to edit or delete existing

There are three types of local notification records:

Normal—Notifies you of events and alerts concerning a particular storage system.

Symptom—Notifies you of a particular symptom concerning a particular storage system.

Suppression—Enables you to selectively suppress notifications generated as a result of a
specific symptom.

Adding a Notification Record

To add a standard or normal notification record:

In the left navigation pane of the SPOCC menu, click Notify to display a list of all currently
defined notification records for the SP.


On the List Notification Records screen, click the Add Record button.

The Service Processor - Select User screen appears.


Local Notification Service