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9 Troubleshooting

Overview of Troubleshooting Guidelines and Tools

Troubleshooting Guidelines

General troubleshooting guidelines are as follows:

Identify the problem or problems.

Assess the situation.

Determine the criticality of the problem. If more than one problem exists, determine which
problem is the most significant in terms of impact.

Collect as much information as possible relevant to the problem.

Generate an action plan and then execute it.

If the action does not resolve the problem, escalate.

Troubleshooting Tools

You can use the following tools to collect data from the SP:

Audit and Logging Information—Provides audit information regarding SP usage.

SPLOR—Gathers files to diagnose SP issues.

MSPLOR—Gathers files to diagnose SP installation issues.

Audit and Logging Information

HP 3PAR SP Audit Information is contained in the SP_USER_ACTIVITY log file, which provides
the following audit information:

Users who accessed the SP

Logon and logoff times

The functionality used, such as Interactive CLI, Added System, and Started Guided Maintenance

Available through SPOCC-Reports, this file is gathered as part of a SPLOR and can be viewed by
HP Support personnel using Service Tools and Technical Support (STaTS).

Output examples:

yy/mm/dd 15:12:48 Remote Operation requested by userID as SP user #

yy/mm/dd 15:13:20 #( userID-pts0 )/spmaint -- spmaint starting

yy/mm/dd 15:14:47 #( userID-pts0 )/spmaint -- InFormOS validating update status --

StoreServ: myStoreServ. RC: 0

yy/mm/dd 16:20:56 #( userID-pts0 )/spmaint -- interactive CLI requested for StoreServ:


yy/mm/dd 16:22:58 #( userID-pts0 )/spmaint -- csstatus launched for myStoreServ

yy/mm/dd 16:35:36 Remote Operation terminated for userID as SP user #

The actual commands that were executed can be found in other logs that are available to HP 3PAR
Support personnel.

HP 3PAR SP command logging includes the following:

Commands that were executed using SPMAINT are logged in SPMNTLOG, which is available
as a unique file in STaTS, as a log file in SPLOR, and in the files folder on the SP.

Commands that were initiated from the SP GUI (SPOCC) are logged in SPOCCMNTLOG.
This log is available as part of SPLOR and in the files folder on the SP.

Overview of Troubleshooting Guidelines and Tools