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Connecting a home network

The LAN port allows your Toshiba TV to
connect to your home network. You can use this
revolutionary home entertainment networking
system to access photo, video and audio files
that are stored on a media server and play/
display them on your TV.

• If you connect to a shared network outside your home, it

is advisable to use a router. Always use network media
products in private network environments. Connect this
TV to the same router as other network media products

• If you use a hub or switch to connect the TV to your

home network, you may not be able to use the automatic
setup and will have to manually set up the network
address. See page 46.

• If you use a router with built-in DHCP functionality, use

the automatic setup. Manual setup may not work.

• If you connect the TV and PC directly, use a crossover

LAN cable.

• Please consult your PC manufacturer about details of

PC settings.

• Wireless appliances may interfere with Intel


WiDi /

wireless display.

[1] Coaxial or telephone cable (depending on your modem type)
[2] Standard LAN cable
[3] Do not connect a phone jack directly to the TV’s LAN port.

Warning: This TV complies with the EMC directive only
when you use a shielded Cat5 ethernet cable.

Please refer to “Wireless Setup” section on page 43.

• If this device is going to be operated in the frequency

range of 5.15 GHz to 5.35 GHz, it is restricted to indoor

• If this device is going to be operated for 802.11 b/g/n

function in the frequency range of 2.454 GHz to
2.4835 GHz in France, it is restricted to indoor use.

• A general authorization is required for using this device

outdoors or in public places in Italy.

• This device is NOT ALLOWED to be used in the

geographical area within a radius of 20 km from the
centre of Ny-Alesund in Norway.

• Make the wireless LAN appropriate security setting at

the time of wireless LAN use to prevent the illegal use,
spoofing and interception of communications.

• Don’t connect wireless LAN to an outside network

Apply the wireless LAN access point with router function
or broadband router. Make the router appropriate
security setting to prevent the illegal use.
Refer to the manual of router for a security setting.

To connect the TV to a home network

- Wired






Cable or Phone jack

the back of your television

Modem (if available)

Router with Hub

Server PC

To connect the TV to a home network

with an internet connection -


Access point (AP)

Wireless LAN router



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