Toshiba L6463 User Manual

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Why are there horizontal stripes and/

or blurred images on the screen when

in PC mode?

The Clock Phase may need adjustment. Select PC Settings from the

Display Settings menu, highlight Clock Phase and adjust until the

picture clears.

Why are the colours wrong when an

NTSC source is played?

Connect the source via a SCART lead and play.

Select Colour System from the Options menu.


Set the Colour to Auto and exit.


Go to the Picture menu and adjust the tint.





Why don’t the controls of the

television work?

Check that Panel Lock is not On.

Why doesn’t the remote control


Check that batteries aren’t exhausted or inserted incorrectly.

Why is the digital channel locked?

The channel has been locked in Channel Options (see ‘Digital settings

– Channel Options’ section).

Why are some of the digital

subscription channels unavailable?

Your subscription needs upgrading. Contact your service provider.

What is DVB-T?

Digital Video Broadcast via an aerial/antenna.

What is DVB-C?

Digital Video Broadcast via a cable connection.

How are DTV radio channels


Select from All Channel List (LIST button).

What can be done if the PIN number

has been forgotten?

Use the Master PIN code of 1276, then change to a number of your

choice. Select Parental PIN Setup from the DTV Settings menu to

enter PIN. Ensure that no-one else can use the Master PIN by removing

the Owner’s Manual.

Why when digital subtitles have been

selected are they not showing on


Subtitles are not currently being transmitted by the broadcaster.

Why are there problems with

analogue text?

Good performance of text depends on a good strong broadcast signal.

This normally requires a roof or loft aerial. If the text is unreadable or

garbled, check the aerial. Go to the main index page of the text service

and look for the User Guide. This will explain the basic operation of text

in some detail. If further information is needed on how to use text see

the text section.

Why is a page number visible at the

top of the screen but no text?

Text has been selected but Teletext information is currently unavailable

on the current source.

Why don’t the devices connected via

HDMI operate properly?

Make sure to use cables with the HDMI logo

(see page 9).

Some early HDMI equipment may not work properly with the latest

HDMI TV products, due to new standard adoption.

Why don’t the devices connected via

MHL operate properly?

Turn off your TV and unplug the power cord, and then plug and turn on


Turn the MHL Source Power Off and On again.

Try to reconnect a MHL cable.

Why don’t the HDMI CEC Control

devices work?

When the connected HDMI CEC Control device does not work correctly

after you have changed the settings of the device, turn off your

television and unplug the power cord, and then plug and turn on again.

Unplug the HDMI cable of the HDMI CEC Control device and lead


Why is the HDMI CEC logo still

showing when the equipment has

been disconnected?

If the HDMI CEC Control device is disconnected, the logo will disappear

after approximately one minute.



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