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• When the USB HDD is formatted, all the data stored on

the HDD will be erased.

• Locked channel cannot record (One Touch Recording,

TimeShift), even if you watch the programme.

• Do not connect 2 or more USB HDD for recording at the

same time.

To connect a USB HDD (not supplied):

When you connect a USB HDD to the USB port on the TV,
a prompt will appear.


Press C / c to select No and press OK.

• Not guaranteed to work with all USB HDD.
• After connecting the USB HDD, select the connected

USB HDD from Select Device in Recording Setup.

To record the programme currently being viewed.


Press the REC button on the remote control.
The currently viewed programme will start to be

To stop recording:


Press the v (stop) button.
A confirmation window “Do you want to stop
Recording?” will appear.


Press C / c to select Yes and press OK.
Recording will stop.

The auto recording function automatically records, based

on TV viewing history and other cloud service information

(function is dependant on country selection).

* Auto Recording provides no guarantee of recording. To

ensure recording of a particular programme, you will
need to set the recording from a listing of TV

Preparations for Auto Recording

To use Auto Recording, the following connections and
settings are required.
• Connections for using the Internet (Page 58)
• Settings for using the Internet (Page 12)
• Set External Record Control to On (Page 49)
• Setting the USB HDD for recording (Page 51)
• Set Auto Recording to On

About Auto Recording

<Auto Recording Settings>

to display the cloud service screen, and make

the settings in the cloud service screen.

About Recording

A maximum of 64 programmes can be scheduled for auto

- When Auto Recording is set to On, the maximum

number of timer for manual recording changes to 64
from 128.

- When the number of the timers for manual recording is

set over 64, auto recording cannot be set On.

USB Hard Disk Recording Region

• For auto recording, a USB hard disk with a capacity of at

least 160 GB, and not more than 2 TB can be used.
(For manual recording there is no lower limit on

• Auto recordings is allocated a recording region of 40 %

of the USB hard disk, separate from manual recordings.
- Note that the manual recording region together with

the auto recording region occupies the entire capacity
of the USB hard disk.

• You can record up to 2000 programmes by manual

recording and auto recording combined.

Recording Schedule and Recorded
Programmes with Auto Recording Enabled

When Auto Recording is enabled, the scheduled auto
recording items in My TV Timer List are shown with an

, and “Auto Rec” is added to the My TV Library tab.

Setting up the USB HDD for


To record DTV programmes

(One Touch Recording)

USB1 or USB2

on the TV

USB cable

(not supplied)


Auto Recording

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