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The digital reception function of this television is only effective in the countries listed in the “Country”

section of the “Installation” menu. Depending on country/area, some of this television’s functions may not

be available. Reception of future additional or modified services can not be guaranteed with this television.
If stationary images generated by 4:3 broadcasts, text services, channel identification logos, computer

displays, video games, on-screen menus, etc. are left on the television screen for any length of time, they

could become conspicuous. It is always advisable to reduce both the brightness and contrast settings.
Very long, continuous use of the 4:3 picture on a 16:9 screen may result in some retention of the image at

the 4:3 outlines. This is not a defect of the LCD TV and is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular use of other size modes (e.g. Super Live) will prevent permanent retention.

• The recording function has been designed for

private use and entertainment in your home

environment. Please note that any

commercial use of the recording function

could lead to copyright infringement of

authors’ rights. Toshiba asks you to respect

the intellectual property rights of third


• Before recording to a device connected to the

TV, make a test recording and check the

recording performance.

• Programmes that are prohibited from copying

due to copyright protection cannot be


• Toshiba shall not be liable for compensation

or incidental damages of any kind

whatsoever resulting from content that was

not properly recorded on the recording

device or that was modified or lost.

• Toshiba shall not be liable for damages of any

kind whatsoever (breakdown of the recording

device, modification or loss of the recorded

content, etc.) resulting from malfunction,

operating failure or incorrect operation due to

combining with another connected device.

• If you connect a USB HDD that has been used

with a PC or another TV, only programmes

which are recorded using this TV can be


• Switch the TV to standby before you

disconnect the USB HDD.
Not doing so may result in loss of the recorded

data or malfunction of the USB HDD.

• Please note that recording on the USB HDD is

no longer playable after the TV’s main-board

is exchanged during service.

• To ensure protection of your personal data

Toshiba recommends that you reset all TV

settings when you recycle your TV or transfer

to others. To reset your TV please access via

menu settings, selecting ‘Reset TV’. See

owner’s manual page 77 for further details.

Please take note


Toshiba shall under no circumstances be liable for loss and/or damage to the product caused by:
i) Fire;
ii) Earthquake;
iii) Accidental damage;
iv) Intentional misuse of the product;
v) Use of the product in improper conditions;
vi) Loss and/or damage caused to the product whilst in the possession of a third party;
vii) Any damage or loss caused as a result of the owner’s failure and/or neglect to follow the instructions set out in the

owner’s manual;

viii) Any loss or damage caused directly as a result of misuse or malfunction of the product when used simultaneously

with associated equipment;

Furthermore, under no circumstances shall Toshiba be liable for any consequential loss and/or damage including but
not limited to the following: loss of profit, interruption of business, the loss of recorded data whether caused during normal
operation or misuse of the product.

When Using a USB Hard Drive (HDD)

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