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Using the Smart TV Cloud

Toshiba’s universal portal for internet content
and services (services are dependent on
country), offering you a multitude of smart
features. For detailed information on how to
access and use those features, please refer to
our website

• You need to configure a home network before using this

feature (see page 12).

• This service may not be available or the contents may

change depending on the service side.


Press .
The menu screen of the Smart TV Cloud services
will appear.


Press BbC c to select a Smart TV Cloud services,
and press OK.
For the operations of the Smart TV Cloud services,
refer to Cloud Guide.

The web browser on this TV lets you explore everything the

web has to offer. Along with access to popular places, you’ll

be able to search for and browse your favourite sites.

• Certain services may not be currently available in your


• Your registration or login may be required to use some


• Third party internet services are not provided by

Toshiba, may change or be discontinued at any time and
may be subject to Internet service provider restrictions.
Toshiba makes no warranties, representations, or
assurances about the content, availability or
functionality of third-party content or services. Use of
third party Internet services may require the creation of
a separate account through a computer with Internet
access and/or payment of one-time and/or recurring
charges and membership.
Not all third party services may be available on or
compatible with this product. In order to experience the
full suggested capabilities of this product, fully-
compatible devices may be required.
- does not support platform-dependent technologies

such as Active X.

- only supports preinstalled plug-ins.
- may not support media formats other than the

following: JPEG/PNG/GIF.

- uses a single built-in font. Some text may not be

displayed as intended.

- does not support downloading of files or fonts.

- is a TV browser. It may work differently than PC


- does not support parental control or locks in the

content, and it is the responsibility of the you to monitor
browser usage by minors.

• Some pages may not be displayed correctly or may

display differently on different devices.

• Certain services may not be available in your area.

To use the web browser

NOTE: You can change the mouse mode (Mouse
Emulation or Navigation) by pressing the GREEN button
on the remote control when the web contents screen is



on the remote control and select

Internet icon to open the web browser.


Press BbC c to select the URL address bar and
press OK.


Enter the desired URL address by using the
Software Keyboard (page 48).

Press the GREEN button on the remote control.


You can now browse websites on your TV using
BbC c buttons on the remote control.

To Add Favourites Websites

By adding frequently visited websites to Favourites, you
can browse them easily. You can view the addresses of
the websites you visited previously.



on the remote control and select

Internet icon to open the web browser.


Enter the desired URL address by using the
Software Keyboard (page 48).


Press BbC c to scroll Favourites STAR on the
Toolbar and press OK.


Press OK to save the desired website to your
You can press the GREEN button on the remote
for thumbnail view of all your Favourites.


Press BACK on the remote to return to browsing
your website.

NOTE: The desired website is highlighted and displayed
on the top row with the + icon. The + icon will change to a
page icon after the website has been saved to Favourites.

Using Web Browser

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