Starting a seam, Guiding and supporting fabric, Sewing in reverse – SINGER 6217 User Manual

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starting a seam

Place fabric under presser foot 1 /2 inch (12
mm) from rear of fabric. Align the right edge

with one of the seam guidelines on the throat

plate. Lower the presser foot.

Backstitch to the edge of the fabric for
reinforcement by pushing in the reverse

button located in centre of the stitch length
dial. Hold button in until stitching reaches
edge of fabric.

Release push button for forward stitching.

Guiding and supporting


Most fabrics need only to be guided in front

of the presser foot. Some fabrics, however,

require support while being stitched.

• For tricot, and other similar synthetic knits,

apply gentle tension by holding the fabric
at the front and back of presser foot as
you sew. Do not pull fabric.

For elasticated fabric, stretch lace, and
knits with an unusual amount of elasticity,

hold the fabric firmly in front and back of
the presser foot to stretch the seam as the

stitches are being placed.

Sewing in reverse

To neaten the end of a seam, push in the

reverse button and backstitch 3-4 stitches.
Raise needle and presser foot and remove

fabric by drawing it to the back and left, Cut
thread on thread cutter on presser bar.