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Page 30: Rexi stitch patterns

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In addition to straight and zig-zag stitches,

your machine can produce a variety of other


Flexi stitches

These stitch patterns are used for sewing

knits and other stretch fabrics. Flexi Stitch
patterns are made by the side to side
movement of the needle along with the
backward and forward movement of the feed.

Stitch pattern selector

Raise the needle to its highest position.

Set the stitch width selector to the straight

position (


). (This allows the pattern

selector to be moved easily).

Slide the pattern selector under the center
of the desired pattern grouping.

Turn the stitch length dial to the left until

the dot ( • ) on the dial lines up with the

dot ( • ) on the machine, as shown.

Note: If for any reason the machine does not
start sewing your desired pattern after
aligning the two dot symbols, push-ln on the

reverse stitch button.