Lubricating the machine – SINGER 6217 User Manual

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Lubricating the machine

How often you need to lubricate the machine

depends on how often you use it and where
you keep it. The following general guidelines
assume that you will be sewing several times
a week. But if you use your machine more
frequently, lubricate it more often than the
guidelines suggest.

Approximatley once a year, lubricate all

moving connections, as shown, to ensure

freedom of movement and to protect metal

parts from excessive wear.

To determine which connections move and

need lubrication, turn the handwheel slowly,

by hand, while face plate is removed.

When lubricating, apply only SINGER* oil at
the points shown. SINGER oil is specially

prepared and does not contain harmful

deposits that can interfere with the smooth
action of precision parts.