Additional accessories – SINGER 6217 User Manual

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Additional accessories

Additional Accessories for your sewing

machine are available for purchase at your

SINGER stockist.

1. Straight stitch presser foot (D) and needle

plate (C) are used together when straight
stitching lightweight fabrics or when your

fabric or sewing procedure requires close


2. Button sewing foot (H) is used to hold any

two-hole or four-hole button securely for


3. Darning and embroidery foot (G) is

recommended for free motion work, such

as embroidery, monogramming and decor­
ative designs.

4. Lint brush is used for cleaning hard to

reach areas on your sewing machine.

5. Twin needle and spool pin are used to

stitch two parallel rows of decorative
stitching simultaneously. When using

twin-needle for decorative stitching, set

stitch width selector no greater than mid­
range of zig-zag graphics.

6. Oil container for machine lubrication.

7. Felt for twin needle spool pin.