Caring for your machine, Removing and replacing, Bobbin case – SINGER 6217 User Manual

Page 40: Bobbincase, Removing and replacing bobbin case

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Removing and replacing
bobbin case

Caution; Before cleaning or adjusting the

machine, remove plug from the socket outlet.

• Raise presser foot and needle.

• Open slide plate, remove bobbin and

remove needle plate.

To remove bobbin case

• With a small screwdriver, turn bobbin case

holder (1) to the rear as far as it will go.

• Lifting the left side of the bobbin case, slide

it out from machine.

To replace bobbin case

• Guide forked end (2) of bobbin case under

feed (3).

Draw rim of bobbin case under position
plate (4). Be sure bobbin case is freely
seated on hook race.

• Turn bobbin case holder (1) forward as far

as it will go, locking bobbin case in place.

Note: Turn handwheel towards you to check

to make sure it is properly replaced.

• Replace needle plate (see instruction on

page 08).

• Insert bobbin and close slide plate.