Ladder seams – SINGER 6217 User Manual

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Ladder seams

A ladder seam made with blindstitching is
functional and decorative at the same time.
Appropriate for stretch and knitted fabrics,

it provides stretchable, decoratively con­
structed seams and edge finishes for collars,
pockets and necklines in sportwear and

Recommended settings

Stitch Selection;

Blindstitch no. 6

Needle Position:

1 1

Stitch Width:

1 1 1 1 1

Stitch Length:

1-1/2 to 2-1/2


General Purpose (B)

Needle Plate:

General Purpose (A)

Make a test sample to adjust thread tension

and stitch length to suit your fabric. Needle

thread tension should be lighter than


Cut and fit garment, allfow % inch (16mm)
seam allowance. Baste seam line.

Position fabric so that the large zig-zag

stitches fall on the stitching line, towards

the centre of the garment

When stitching is completed, open the

seam by pulling the fabric back on opposite
sides of seam to produce a ladder effect

and press seam allowances.