Honeycomb stitch no. 9, Patchwork quilting – SINGER 6217 User Manual

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Honeycomb stitch no. 9

Use the Honeycomb Stitch for smocking,
mending and sewing stretch fabrics. Smock­
ing is decorative stitching across evenly
spaced gathers of fabric.

To gather fabric

• Sew rows of straight stitches, 1 /4" apart,

across area to be smocked.

• Pull thread evenly, gathering fabric.
• Tie ends of every two rows of stitching

together to hold gathers in place.

• Baste a backing to wrong side of fabric.

To smock fabric

Required settings
Stitch Selection:

Honeycomb Stitch
no. 9

Needle Position:


Stitch Width:


Stitch Length:

At dot (•)


Special Purpose (J)

Needle Plate:

General Purpose (A)

• Sew between rows of straight stitches.

• Pull out straight stitches when completed.

Patchwork quilting

Patchwork quilting can be used effectively

on a wide range of household items.

• Cut fabric squares to the desired size.

• Join the alternating squares with the

straight stitch.

• Finger-press open.

• After stitching, cut a backing to the full

size of the finished work.

• Create a quilted effect by basting a pad­

ding layer to the backing.

• Stitch lengthwise and crosswise, overlap­

ping the patches so the seams are

• Pull the threads to the underside of the

work, and trim.

• Finish by sewing a binding to the edges.